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Thursday, December 8th, 2005

I’m back working at NORC again. The work is fun and interesting as usual since it’s all in Arabic and English. My work family there is happy and healthy but a little stressed out due to the short deadlines. The timing of the holidays on top of the deadlines make it more stressful for everyone.

Today, I’m hanging out in a training class. I’m here this week from Tuesday through Friday learning Serena TeamTrack which is a new partner product for Pathfinder Associates. My NORC project team isn’t too happy about my absence but, this class was scheduled for me over a month ago.

The TeamTrack product, quoted from their help files, is “a Web-architected, secure and highly configurable process and issue management solution that gives you control, insight and predictability in your Application Lifecycle and Business Process Management throughout the enterprise. Through creating repeatable, enforceable, auditable, predictable processes, TeamTrack has directly increased profitability for customers worldwide in software development, manufacturing, government, financial services, healthcare, and other industries.”

One of the best features of the product is its ability to create a historical record of interaction on a problem. This audit trail helps companies with their SOX, Sarbannes-Oxley, compliance.

It is a product Pathfinder is offering as a new solution to our clients. We will be doing custom implementations of the product and, currently, I’m the guy learning the product. So, if you need a product like this in your organization, contact Pathfinder and tell them you heard about the product from Kevin Wojdak.

In addition to Pathfinder work, I am helping my fiancee Amy’s family business, C.B.S. Messenger Service. I’m in the process of fixing a couple of problems on their website and then rebuilding it up to the latest standards such as XHTML compliance and more.

Since 1973, C.B.S. Messenger Service has been offering document and package delivery in the entire Chicago area including Rockford and then the city of Milwaukee. Their claim to fame is one of the lowest delivery prices in the industry with same-day delivery for that low price.

If you need a document or package delivered quickly and for a great price, look them up on the web at or call them at (847) 348-3460.

Amy and I have set our wedding date for March 4th, 2006. We’ll be having a small family only wedding and then, in the summer, we will be planning a bigger party for all of our friends to celebrate with us. I’ll let you know when that date comes closer. We’ll be moving to a new house in the Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, and Roselle area sometime in April.

I think by now you’ve had enough of this post so, I’ll leave you for awhile.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don’t write you before then.