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Thursday, May 26th, 2005


Don’t know where I left off with things last time so, I’ll just trudge ahead.

I finished up a project out at NORC in April and then went out to work at the Sun-Times (ST). I’m actually wrapping up my work there today and my company is continuing some other project work there.

After the ST work is done, I start a new project with another client which I cannot name here. I’m doing the Interface Development work and Project Management as well. Anyway, they are a good client and I’ll wrap up their work in 5-6 weeks just in time to start yet another project at NORC.

Life is going along pretty well again. The job market seems to be somewhat settled. And, now that I’m working, all of a sudden recruiters are calling again. Where were these guys when I was out of work? LOL.

My girlfriend is great and we are now moving past 9 months together. She and her daughter and my son and I are all going on a week long vacation together in July. I can’t wait. I need a vacation.

That’s enough news for now. Drop me a line if you’d like.

Talk to you all later,