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Monday, November 15th, 2004


Ramadan is finally over….and I survived. The one thing I missed the most during the month was my ability to drink coffee all day long to stay awake and aware. I am so glad to be able to grab a cup whenever I want again.

Overall though, I really enjoyed my first Ramadan fasting experience. I learned a lot about my own ability to go “without” and I did well doing so. I was a little bad on the weekends as I didn’t fast during the weekends. I fasted during the week to support my work associates and that was great.

Ramadan has also helped me trigger some changes in my life. I was stagnating in a few areas and I have started making some changes for the better….diet, finances, etc.

My main project from the last few months has also come to a close. I’m wrapping up small application adjustments today and tomorrow and then, I get to go back to our Pathfinder offices. I will still be on call for the client so they can pull me in anytime they need but, I will be working on other projects in the meantime.

Have a great week!


Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Morning everyone,

Today, we’ll talk about the month of Ramadan fasting (…yes, I said a month). During Ramadan, Muslims fast everyday during daylight hours for an entire month.

As I told you before, I am fasting during Ramadan with my work associates and friends in the spirit of team unity and a show of support for them. From the standpoint of myself, an American fasting during Ramadan, I’ve found it to be very fun and interesting to say the least. It has also been very enlightening and challenging.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Atkins, I am calling the Ramadan fasting the “Ramadan Diet” for myself. I have enough excess around my midsection that I could use this month to an advantage. When people ask me how I’m doing with the fasting, I reply, “good…my body is feeding off my excess!” LOL

Ramadan fasting requires you to discipline yourself and not eat, drink, have sex, say bad words, or have unpure thoughts during daylight hours each day during the month. Ramadan goes by a Lunar calendar so, the hours of fasting change with each day. For example, yesterday, my fast started at 4:50 a.m. and I was able to eat dinner starting at 4:44 p.m. But, today, the fasting started at 4:51 a.m. and ends at 4:43 p.m.

Before the fasting started, I feared that I wouldn’t be able to hold out the whole month …or even a whole day. Now that I’ve been doing it for almost 3 weeks, I’m laughing at my earlier fears. My Muslim friend, Neji, told me at the beginning that if I have enough heart to pedal a bike 30 miles without training, then I should have enough heart to fast for the month. I thank him for his kind words. They meant a lot.

Anyway, I figured if a huge chunk of the world’s population can do this every year, then I can manage. So far, I’ve done great with it. It’s all about will power and control over yourself.

The other fun part about Ramadan is the fast breaking celebrations. We had a large one at the office yesterday which the guys called a group Iftar(see the links below for an explanation). We did it like a potluck dinner where everyone brings something to contribute. There were some amazing dishes served and it was very nice.

My friends have also been inviting me to break my fast with them in their homes. I’ve found a true sense of comaradery from my experience. I’ve also developed a better understanding of my friends and their different cultural backgrounds.

Enough rambling for now.

Catch you all later.


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