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July 26th, 2013

Well, I’ve neglected this blog for awhile. My apologies. I need to get back on track with my writing and updating.

This post will be simply about me and my life.

I’ve been on a major diet for my health this year. I’ve lost 56.2 lbs. on a medically-managed diet through my local hospital. I signed on for a 2-year program to lose weight and keep it off. I’m 20 lbs away from my health goal and 33 lbs away from my personal weight loss goal. I’ve consistently lost some weight each week for the last 18 weeks. So, I’m healthier and happier.

I’m still an avid homebrewer. My brand is Kilted Hop Brewing and I’m having a lot of fun and success with it. Kilted Hop Brewing has won 7 medals in amateur homebrew competitions for both beer and cider in Illinois, Ohio, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. I continue to brew for my family and friends and just enjoy life.

I’m also helping my lovely wife launch her craft jewelry business. She is running it under the name LeftHand Jewelry & Designs. You can see her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LeftHandJewelry. She is going to be at her first show, Baconpalooza in DeKalb, IL on July 27th, 2013. (http://www.travelandleisurenews.com/news/Baconpalooza/Kishwaukee-Fest.htm).

I’ll add more beef to this blog in the future. I just wanted to get some news out there.

Thanks for reading,


Amazing Email

September 15th, 2010
I received this marketing email today from Perry Marshall, email marketing guru. For me, it hits home in a lot of ways. You see, I ran a BBS, “The Cat’s Tail”, for the company I worked for, Ames Supply Company, in 1993 or so and was just like Perry and his friend in those days. We had 300 baud and 24oo baud modems hooked up to it and it was all character-based. I did those things and felt the same way as Perry does in this story. It is amazing how the world changes around us. 

Here’s Perry’s story….

15 years ago today, on September 15, 1995, I opened my very first email account. Who’d have thought that in 2010 I’d send an email to tens of thousands of people in 50+ countries and tell ’em all this crazy story? (And send you the email from Brussels, Belgium no less.) Congrats on being one of those lucky people :^>

Earlier that same day I’d been driving down by Chicago’s Midway airport and I experienced another first. I saw something on a billboard I’d never seen before:


My first URL in a piece of advertising. I’d never been on the web before, but I’d heard about it. I distinctly remember thinking at the time that this was probably a pretty big deal.

I knew this guy who ran a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) from his apartment about 2 blocks from where I lived. It was called Syslink. I paid him a few bucks and he set me up with an email account through an address called syslink.mcs.com.

I had a 1200 baud modem on a 286 computer that Laura and I had bought during college. It had no hard drive, just floppy disks. I would start the computer with the DOS boot disk then insert the modem disk and dial in. I’d get on the BBS and send emails to my very few friends who used email.

The guy even gave me special email addresses where I could send them a search phrase and get back listings of websites on those topics. A pre-search engine search engine.

Geez, just telling you this story makes me sound old. As though I grew up shoveling coal into a steam engine. Can you hear my bones creak?

Actually, at 41 I don’t consider myself old at all. But according to Internet “dog years,” that 286 computer we bought in 1990 is 140 years old now :^>

The advent of email meant that for the first time in human history, any human could contact any other human, anywhere in the world, for FREE. Is that a landmark achievement, or what?

I predict email will last a very long time, much like the Compact Disc has lasted a very long time. It’s hard to obsolete something that’s fundamentally right. Email is *the* most intimate of all mass communications media and whatever skills you develop in using email is among the most rewarding there is.

Audio and video and virtual experiences will continue to multiply. But there will never be a substitute for two people exchanging written words with each other. Long may it last.

Join me in celebrating 15 years of long-distance relationships with people around the world.

Perry Marshall
Thanks Perry.
Kevin P. Wojdak

Mion Sandals Update

September 1st, 2010

I own a pair of Mion sandals and they’re the best sandals I’ve ever owned but my insoles are starting to breakdown. I’ve been trying to track them down for awhile to get replacement insoles because the shoes are still in awesome shape.

In my research, I found out that Mion were a Timberland Line.  In contacting Timberland, here’s the answer I got about replacements.

“Thank you for your interest in Timberland products.  Unfortunately, the style you have requested has been discontinued and we have no stock or parts in our warehouses.  It is not likely that you will find that style at this time since the Mion company closed years ago and was not purchased by anyone else.”

“I did a search and the Mion brand are still being sold on Ebay.”

“You can also use the Stores Locator on the website to find Timberland Stores and Authorized Timberland Retailers in your area.”

So, that’s that! If anyone knows where I can get insole replacements for my Mion’s, size 12 or 13, please drop me a line.

Cabinet Hardware Needed

March 9th, 2010

My wife, Amy, and I were shopping on the Internet last night for some new cabinet handles for the kitchen cabinets and came across a website named USKnobs. We decided we needed a change from the same old stuff that Home Depot offers plus I’m not too happy with them for the way they are treating my credit card. Anyway, USKnobs had a great selection of knobs for us to choose from. We were overwhelmed with the handle variety. They had everything from basic plain handles to squiggly line handles to handles with leaves and stuff on them. We were quite pleased.

We ended up buying some pretty cool handles that had an “s” shape to them. Plus, their prices were really good.

My Facebook Badge

November 18th, 2009

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Dieting is Expensive!

November 14th, 2008

Have you ever noticed how cheap and easy it is to get fat but, how expensive it is to lose the weight and/or diet?

I’d like to diet but, I’m in a financial crunch right now and can’t afford to splurge on the preservative free, non-processed foods I need to diet right. Plus, I’ve done this great diet in the past where I lost lots of weight and kept it off for a long time but it requires me to eat lots of small meals and I just don’t keep extra food like that around.

Organized weight plans are off limits due to cost. Diet drugs cost money. It all costs money.

On the other hand, fast food is cheap and on every corner.

Drop me your thoughts.

YZ Reef … Saltwater Coral Specialist

November 7th, 2007

Check out this write up that includes an interview of our friend and saltwater fish enthusiast, Jason White. The article even includes photos of Jason. Jason runs a small business selling saltwater coral, called YZ Reef.

Pantagraph Newspaper from Bloomington, IL

I’m LinkedIn… Are You?

October 10th, 2007

LinkedIn is a great business networking site. Since I’ve joined it, I have built up a personal network of over 200 current and former business associates and friends. My involvement has led to people contacting me for jobs and me recommending friends for jobs as well. I’ve been able to work through the site to help people with business problems offering my knowledge and expertise in several situation.

Because of LinkedIn, my profile appears in more Google searches improving the ability of people to find me for all kinds of needs and jobs.

Plus, it has helped me stay in touch with many important people in my life who change jobs or move away. LinkedIn is always there to keep my connection to them alive.

Many people I invite into my network don’t always know what LinkedIn is all about. There are several great articles in print and on the Web that explain what it is and how to best use it.

Some of those articles are:
LinkedIn: The MySpace for Adults – CNNMoney.com, December 1, 2006
Expanding Your LinkedIn Network – ere.net, June 19, 2007
Making Your LinkedIn Business Network Pay Dividends – LifeHack.org
Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn – How to Change the World, January 04, 2007

Love My Pet Supply

September 11th, 2007

My friend Tami has an online pet supply shop that she runs with her cousin. It’s called “Love My Pet Supply”.

Love My Pet Supply guarantees you the lowest prices on the Web with 100% Price Protection!

Check them out and get the best pet products for the best prices delivered right to your door.


Thoughts on LinkedIn

January 25th, 2007

It’s been awhile since I last posted on my Blog and now, I’ve done two in one day. What’s wrong with this picture?

Anyway, I have a LinkedIn profile and I keep it quite up-to-date. It serves as my most up-to-date online resume. You can view it at http://www.linkedin.com/in/kwojdak.

View Kevin P. Wojdak's profile on LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn and know me but are not connected to me, drop me a line through it and we’ll reconnect.

I found this article today from Guy Kawasaki about improving your LinkedIn profile and thought I’d share it with you.